Rosey Award Winners 2019

Rosey Award Winners

TRADITIONAL MEDIA Over 50k-Wieden+Kennedy “Only Slightly Exaggerated"

BRAND DESIGN - Sally Morrow Creative “West Coast Grocery Co.

EXPERIENTIAL - Opinionated “Originals Ice Cream Truck"

PACKAGING DESIGN- Grady Britton “Staff picks and kicks"

OMNI CHANNEL - Opinionated “Yogi”

NON-PROFIT - DHX Advertising “Donate Life Northwest”

INTEGRATED SOCIAL - Liquid “Ernest E-Team Solutions”

DIGITAL VIDEO UNDER 50k- R/West “FLIR: Unimaginable”

DIGITAL VIDEO OVER 50k- Red & Co. “Netflix: Make Room”

DIGITAL CAMPAIGN - Opinionated “Yung Series”

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Climbing Rose Awards

PRINT- Wieden+Kennedy “Only Slightly Exaggerated”

AUDIO - DigitalOne “She Breaks Barriers”

TRADITIONAL MEDIA Over 50k- Liquid “Coupa"

TRADITIONAL MEDIA Under 50k - Undnyable “De-Alcohol-Orizer"

BRAND DESIGN - Sandstrom “Mi Campo Tequila"

EXPERIENTIAL - Manifold “Uber Destination United"

PACKAGING DESIGN - Sandstrom “Bertoux Distillers”

OMNI CHANNEL - Grady Britton “Locals Only Healthcare"

NON-PROFIT - Blue Chalk Media “How Seamus Gets a Fish"

INTEGRATED SOCIAL - CMD “Make Believe Happen"

DIGITAL VIDEO UNDER 50k - Love & Robots “Joy of presenting”

DIGITAL VIDEO OVER 50k - North “Comfort Zone"

DIGITAL CAMPAIGN - Wieden+Kennedy “Portlanders"